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Have you ever had the need to produce your own CD DVD Promotional Disc and wanted to have your own company name and logo on the disc? Of course you have right?

The real cost of producing your own CD DVD Disc Prints

There are a number of printers on the market now which you buy to print your own CD and DVD Media but if you actually calculate the time and money it costs to produce them yourself you will soon realize that it is much more beneficial for you to outsource this process to a professional company. Most of the everyday printers on the market would cost you between 30-40 cents per disc just in consumable costs, then you need to factor in your time or one of your staff members time and before you know you are up around $1 per disc and you still haven’t started duplicating them yet.

What are my options when getting a professional to print my media?

There are lots of different ways to produce Printed CD & DVD Media but by far the most popular is Inkjet Printing directly to the surface of the Disc, Inkjet technology has jumped leaps and bounds of the passed decade and one perfect example of this technology is direct to disc inkjet printing for CD & DVD Media. This option is perfect for short run CD and DVD Duplication or supplying printed media blank.

So what is the cost?

Our cost to produce full colour inkjet printed CD or DVD disc is just 25 cents per disc plus the cost of the disc, so quite simply we can produce 100 full colour Inkjet printed CD’s or DVD’s for just $49.00 per 100 discs, so 25 cents for the print plus 24 cents for the Media and you have got your self your next promotional CD or DVD ready to burn.

Why not just get the entire job done then?

Our CD DVD printing prices are so competitive that you will soon find that it is very cost effective for you to outsource your entire media project to us so we can Print and Duplicate your next project for you entirely so you can sit back and utilise your time running your company as you should,

As our machines are fully automated the cost to actually complete the duplication process as well is not all that much nike air max 90 leer dames , quite simply the extra cost to duplicate is just 20 cents per disc so a completed CD DVD project for 100 discs would cost you just $69 so lets now compare that to our original estimates above for you to do your own, at around a dollar a disc for you to do duplicate 100 discs on your PC and and your homeoffice printer it really does prove that outsourcing your next CD DVD Duplication or CD Printing project really is the way to go

DiscPrinting com au is by far the cheapest company to produce CD DVD Duplication, CD Printing or DVD Printing.

I am a Media Buyer and Advertising agent, looking for good sources for CD and DVD Duplication. Checkout CD Printing

Indians Value Giambis Spring Role As Mentor - RealGM Wiretap

Jason Giambi, 42, is in camp with the Indians under a minor league contract.

He is hoping to catch on with the team as a designated hitter and mentor to Cleveland's young players.

Terry Francona holds him in high esteem as the type of veteran who can throw an arm around the kids and nurture them through the rough patches. He played a similar role with Colorado's youngsters.

"There's that fine line you teach the young kids nike air max 90 kpu dames ," Giambi said. "I love the fire they have, but let's not overwork ourselves. Get in the cage and work on some key points instead of saying, 'I'm gonna take 500 swings and be 4-for-4 tomorrow.' It usually doesn't happen like that. It seems like the harder you try in this game, the worse you play.

"I try to keep the younger kids on an even keel so they're not on that roller-coaster ride where it's either 'I'm doing great' or 'I'm in the tank.' You'll see guys who are shot at the end of the season because mentally they're so exhausted. I want to help them smooth it out a little bit."

Sepp Blatter Provisionally Suspended By FIFA For 90 Days - RealGM Wiretap

Sepp Blatter has been provisionally suspended for 90 days by the ethics committee of world football's governing body.

A former advisor of Blatter, Klaus Stoehlker, has told The Guardian the ruling was made pending an ongoing criminal investigation by the Swiss attorney general involving the FIFA president.

The verdict was described as pending as no negative findings have yet been made against Blatter.

The 90-day suspension is the longest the ethics committee can suspend an official without a conviction and is a significant blow to Blatter nike air max 90 ultra 2.0 dames , who has maintained his innocence during the ongoing FIFA scandal.

锘? Welcome back everyone, to another TNA report. I?m going to start this off with addressing a comment that was made last week, other than you guys telling me I did a good job. Thanks by the way! Very Happy I watch other wrestling first off, and TNA is my favorite. However, that won?t ever stop me from bashing people and stories that I don?t like or telling exactly what I think of the current show. If they put on a bad show, believe me nike air max 2016 flyknit dames , I?m going to be the one to tell you, and if they run too many promos, I?m get mad at them. That doesn?t mean I hate them. What good does it do you readers if I give a totally biased opinion of the show? Now then, on with the show. Preview: Beer Money vs. Jethro Holiday & Eric Young (3 D Invitational) Suicide vs. Consequences Creed (Non Title Match) Awesome Kong vs. Velvet Sky (Stretcher Match) Main Event Mafia vs. The Frontline (10 Man War) The show starts of in a very shocking manner, with the MEM. Kurt starts off continuing the rose metaphor from last week, and that last week h.
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