YGOPro English 0x1022 Percy

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YGOPro English 0x1022 Percy

Postby J_BYYX » 24 Feb 2012, 15:34

YGOPro English 0x1022 Percy

Changes in this version
Updates by Fluorohydride (see https://github.com/Fluorohydride/ygopro for a full changelog)
New cards, Galactic Overlord is included
Bug fixes
Time limit
3774 cards total
Download here
Full version

Update only (from 0x1021 to 0x1022)
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Re: YGOPro English 0x1022 Percy

Postby Vakrug » 25 Feb 2012, 15:47

M-m-m... Now it is pretty hard to build OCG or TCG decks. In earlier versions of YGOPro there were only TCG-only card restriction and now there are OCG-only cards and there is a lot of those. I hope that in next version another filter in deck editor will appear: OCG/TCG filter.
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